What Doctor For Sciatica?

If you have ever suffered from pain stemming from your lower back and running down the one leg, you may have been experiencing sciatica. The compression or irritation of the nerve root causes pain, often some numbness/tingling and in some cases weakness of the affected limb. For many, this can be excruciating and prevent them from participating in daily life, while for others it may be mild. In both cases it is advisable to seek an assessment from an allied health or medical professional.

What Is Sciatica?

The condition is caused when the sciatic nerve, which spans the lower back down the back of the legs and the feet, becomes injured, compressed or inflamed. You can read our blog here on what causes sciatica.

Who to see for Sciatica?

Allied Health Professional

An Allied Health Professional is a good place to start when suffering from any pain that you suspect is due to a muscle, joint, nerve or other soft tissues. For example, our Chiropractors at BOLT Chiropractic would do a complete assessment, treatment, rehabilitation program and if needed, a referral to a GP or for imaging. Sciatica is one of the most common conditions we see. 

General Practitioner (GP)

A GP is another appropriate person to see when suffering from sciatica. They could potentially advise on medication, give a referral to see an allied health professional for treatment and management or order images. If the nerve injury is deemed severe, there may be a referral to see a specialist after images are ordered. 


A specialist would typically be involved if surgery was an option being explored. 

To see more on how sciatica is treated you can read our blog here.

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