What To Expect From Your Appointment?

We pride ourselves on offering the best service possible, in order to do this we like to spend time educating patients, we also commonly will call patients to make sure they are improving and have understood everything we are trying to achieve.

It’s very important to understand what you should expect from your Chiropractic appointment, each Chiropractor is different, each university has a different philosophy, once graduated each Chiropractor moulds their own future with different experiences. 

Rather than explain what different techniques there are, we are going to share what you should expect from your appointment here at Bolt Chiropractic.

What’s the difference between your appointment types?

The most commonly asked question we get is which appointment should I select? We have three different appointments, each has a different purpose. 

The First Appointment is the most important, we spend 45 minutes with each new patient. The reason for this is we like to do a full history and physical examination, including functional tests to identify any abberant motor patterns. Once this is complete we explain what the cause of your problem is followed by a treatment if required clinically. 

The Regular Appointment is designed to be short-ish, at 15 minutes. This is because we have already ruled out any red flags and are able to continue your treatment. This appointment will generally include a brief recount of your time after your treatment as well as a treatment. The treatment will include spinal adjustments/mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, dry needling and one or two mobility or stability exercises.

The Extended Appointment is designed to be our premium appointment at 30 minutes. This is so we can spend time treating you but also go over the exercises in greater depth.

Paperless Clinic

We have tried to make Bolt Chiropractic as paperless as possible, your new patient intake forms will be done through our iPad and all receipts will be emailed if required. 

If you require any reports, these will be emailed through.